Equipment Buildings & Walk-in Switchgear

Equipment Buildings and Containers for Walk-in Switchgear

Low & Medium Voltage Paralleling & Distribution Applications

Walk-in Switchgear and Equipment Buildings

Our Walk-in Switchgear and Equipment Buildings systems take the traditional outdoor Walk-in switchgear up to another level. The switchgear line-up and the isle are manufactured as one piece, therefore reducing the amount of the required on-site assembly and installation time. The Equipment Building is also thermally insulated with various climate control and control room options available for comfort and safety of maintenance and operations personnel.

Container Based Rapid Deployment Switchgear

ISO container based switchgear / transformer / control house modules are built for ease of transportation and installation, rapid power deployment and other applications. Advanced Power Technologies also manufactures compact front access only low and medium voltage air insulated switchgear (up to 15 kV) to meet the customer’s needs for compact and rapidly deployable power systems switchgear.