APT Multi-Function Power Meter

APT Multi-Function Power Meter

Three Phase Generator & Utility Power Source Sensing

APT Multi-Function Power Meter

PDF Icon APT Multi-Function Power Meter Spec Sheet

PDF Icon APT Multi-Function Switchgear Power Meter Operation Manual

Standard Features

  • The following true RMS, 3 element power metering of each power source and bus shall be provided as a minimum:
    1. Line to line voltages:
      • Vab, Vbc, Vca
    2. Phase currents:
      • Ia, Ib, Ic
    3. Frequency, Hz
    4. Three phase power parameters:
      • kW (per phase and total)
      • Power Factor (per phase and total)
      • KVAR (per phase and total)
      • kVA (per phase and total)
    5. Three energy export and import power parameters:
      • kWh, kVARh, kVAh
    6. Power Quality parameters:
      • %THD Volts per phase
      • %THD Amps per phase
      • %TDD Amps per phase
      • K-factor per phase
      • Individual odd voltage harmonics per phase up to order 39
      • Individual odd current harmonics per phase up to order 39
      • Fundamental component of KW and Power Factor (per phase and total)
    7. Other parameters:
      • Percent ampere peak capacity of the highest phase
      • Neutral current
      • Current unbalance
      • Voltage unbalance
      • Maximum kW demand
      • Maximum kVA demand
      • Minimum and maximum values for voltages, currents frequency and power parameters

Metering Accuracy

  • Metering accuracy shall be in accordance with ANSI C12.20-1998 and rated as follows:
    1. Class 10 0.5% for energy.
    2. 2% of reading and 0.02% of full scale for voltages and currents.
    3. 3% of reading and 0.02% of full scale for active and apparent power.

Meter Display

  • Dedicated high-brightness digital LED displays shall be provided which are visible in the bright sun light or in the dark.