Electromechanical Co-Op I

Advanced Power Technologies (APT)

Position Summary:

  • Advanced Power Technologies (APT / Blauberg Group) is a premier manufacturer of generator paralleling, automatic transfer, and distribution switchboards, switchgear, and control panels
  • We are actively seeking the next generation of talented engineers, technologists, and technicians for our product manufacturing facility located locally in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • We are immediately looking for people to fill the Spring 2022 & Summer 2022 (sequential two-rotation) co-op terms.
  • Get the most out of your experience and hit the ground running come Spring 2022 with an optional early starting orientation period (both full & part-time) available during the remainder of Fall 2021!

Required Experience and Skills:

  • Openness to stay in the Lafayette/Central Indiana area post-graduation (We want co-ops who have interest & potential to be part of the future of the company)
  • Proficient in using handheld & power tools (such as screwdrivers, drills, saws, etc.) for heavy metal assembly/construction purposes
  • Detail-oriented person; the work can get very intricate
  • Must be self-motivated and work well in a team environment
  • Assure compliance with appropriate quality standards/requirements
  • Responsible for personal and area safety as well as general housekeeping

Desired Experience and Skills:

  • Ability to learn to mechanically assemble power distribution equipment
  • Ability to learn to wire the internal components of power distribution equipment
  • Ability to read electrical schematics
  • Computer literacy
  • Familiarity with or learn to work with AutoCAD
  • Ability to learn, understand, and operate a press brake, turret, and/or plasma cutting table (as needed)
  • Ability to weld or learn to weld (as needed)

Job Responsibilities may include any of the following:

  • Weld various metals
  • Plasma table, press brake, sheer, Mig/Tig welders
  • Proper utilization of all common shop tools
  • Assemble components of electrical distribution equipment per drawings
  • Accurately make measurements in 1/32” increments
  • Motor/Engine/Generator Alignment (as projects require)
  • Metal walk-in electrical switchgear enclosure construction (as projects require)
  • Wiring of control panels and switchboards
  • Install electrical wiring, conduit, various other electrical components
    Point to Point wiring, crimping/cutting wire, and wire labeling
  • Keeping a watchful eye on personal & team quality and safety
  • Perform general housekeeping duties or other assigned duties as necessary
  • Perform tasks relating to the relocation of manufacturing operations to our new headquarters location across town

Program Learning Objectives:

  • Get hands-on experience in taking someone else’s mechanical design and making it into a real-life product with real-life materials
  • Gain an understanding of manufacturing processes and the manufacturing environment
  • Understand the dynamics and need for flexibility in an ever-changing world
  • Learn to create heavy equipment through hands-on experience
  • Be exposed to:
    • Machine tool speeds, feeds, and depth of cuts for a variety of machining applications
    • Machine code (G&M code) for CNC machines
    • Applying tolerances, fits, surfaces finish requirements and material selection to a given part or assembly
    • Performing a variety of machining operations on metal working machines
  • Gain experience in the following:
    • Reading and interpreting electrical schematics & mechanical drawings
    • Using manual & power handheld tools for creation and assembling of designed equipment parts
    • Performing or assisting in the performance soldering or welding tasks
    • Joining multiple metal parts and surfaces
    • Dealing with material stock
    • Performing personal & team quality checks
    • Ensuring product quality standards
    • Identifying defects
    • Reworking and repairing assembled equipment as needed
    • Performing work that is in accordance with high personal & high company quality standards
  • Understand, develop, practice, and maintain appropriate and positive professional communication skills; apply those skills into daily interactions with management staff, and peers to create a positive and productive team environment. A high emphasis is placed on this.

Education & Qualifications:

  • Must have an established history of stellar class & work attendance, being punctual, and having reliable transportation to and from work
  • Must have a high interest in building construction, industrial manufacturing, mechanical assembly, and/or electrical power distribution equipment
  • Start hands-on, show that you have the desire, skills, and work ethic, and we’ll show you future growth opportunities as an engineer!
  • Must be part of an accredited Purdue University Plan of Study with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in a technical field such as:
    • Industrial/Manufacturing Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • Building Construction Management
    • Electrical Engineering Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Power Distribution/Energy Engineering
    • Other related fields will be considered

Program Scheduling:

  • All Co-ops begin as a two-session back-to-back commitment (either Spring & Summer or Summer & Fall).
  • Each additional rotation beyond Rotation 2 is on an “invitation only” basis pending your strong performance in the first two rotations and economic conditions continue to support the program.
  • Year of school determines eligibility:
    • High aptitude, skilled 1st-semester Freshman thru 1st-semester Sophomores will qualify to be invited to up to 5 rotations (very limited space available)
    • High aptitude, skilled 1st-semester Sophomores thru 1st-semester Juniors will qualify to be invited to up to 3 rotations (limited space available)
    • High aptitude, skilled 2nd-semester Juniors thru 1st-semester Seniors will qualify to be invited to up to 2 rotations
    • Students successful in completing at least 2 rotations will be given first priority for future permanent position considerations
    • Ask about Graduate Work-Study opportunities to simultaneously work-full time and obtain a master’s degree through a longer-term plan of study.
  • Additional rotations will be tailored to maximize the strengths and skillsets of the individual to build off their experience from the first two sessions, in areas needing additional resources across the company.

Additional Information:

  • Experience Required:
    • Current Purdue University Student
  • Position Type:
    • Local – 10 minutes from campus no need to relocate, keep your friends close!
    • Hourly – Co-Op $$ (First Shift – Days 7:00 am – 3:30 pm)
    • Overtime $$$ (3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Weekdays & Saturdays available or as required depending on factory loading)
  • Job Function:
    • Manufacturing, Assembly, Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Shop Work
  • Approximate Time Commitment:
    • 40-50 Hours Per Week
  • Typical Travel Percentage:
    • Less than 5% of travel
  • Compensation:
    • Competitive & commensurate with Experience & Skills
  • Number of openings:
    • Up to eight (8)

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