Utility Peak Shaving Switchgear

Low & Medium Voltage Utility Peak Shaving Switchgear

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Peak Shaving Conversion Utility Paralleling Switchgear - APT

The APT Peak Shaving Conversion Switchgear continuously parallels with the utility for the purpose of Peak Shaving and load testing for a standby generator set.

Utility Paralleling Switchgear Features:

  • Increases Functionality of Existing Standby Power System by Providing Utility Paralleling Capabilities
    • Generate Revenue by Peak Shaving
    • Load Test Your Generator Set Against the Utility
    • No Changes to Genset Necessary
    • Simple Installation
  • Dynamically Switches to Standby Mode should Outage Occur while Peak Shaving
  • Completely automatic operation
    • Automatic Paralleling
    • kW Soft Loading Control
    • kVAR Control
    • Voltage Matching
  • Extensive Power Metering and Generator Protection
  • Utility RTU and DCS Compatible
  • Optional SCADA-ready Modbus Comm Port for Monitoring and Control

PDF Icon APT Peak Shaving Conversion Switchgear Spec Sheet

PDF Icon APT Typical Wiring Diagram