LZR-Series Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR)

2.4 kV - 15 kV Low Resistance Grounding System

APTView SCADA Control Panel HMINeutral Grounding Resistor - Medium Voltage - APT-Power

APT “low impedance grounding” Neutral Grounding Resistors and Reactors will reduce the stress and amount of damage to your power system equipment by controlling the magnitude of the ground fault currents.  When used in generator neutral, these devices will also limit the amount of the generator available Line to Neural fault current below the design limits set by the NEMA MG1 generators design standard.  Additionally APT Neutral Grounding Resistors and Reactors will reduce the magnitude of the harmonic currents, circulating in the neutrals of paralleled generators due to the differences in the generator winding pitches, armature reaction, and other system conditions. Please consult APT applications engineer if you need assistance with the selection of the neutral grounding system and sizing of the neutral grounding devices.

DOCX Icon APT 5kV-15kV Low Resistance Neutral Grounding Resistor Spec

PDF Icon APT 5kV Neutral Grounding Resistors Drawing

PDF Icon APT 15kV Neutral Grounding Resistors Drawing