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iBC2 Intelligent Battery Charger for

24VDC Control Powered Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Station Battery System

   Standard Battery Features

  • Automatic three stage charging
  • Constant current – Maximum current available during charge recovery phase
  • Constant voltage
  • Digital microprocessor technology
  • Low output ripple – Makes the charger ideal for all battery types
  • Full Protection
  • Power save mode – Once the battery is fully charged the charger switches to Eco-Power to save energy
  • AC input Circuit Breaker
  • DC Output Circuit Breaker
  • 22mm LED Alarm Indication
  • Analog DC voltage meter
  • Analog DC ammeter

   Optional Features

  • Low DC Battery Voltage Alarm
  • MODBUS RTU Communications using RS-485
  • Additional sizes: 20A, 30A, 40A, and 50A are available upon request

Engineering Bid Specifications

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Installation Drawings & Diagrams

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Applicable Standards

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