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Power System Products
Distribution, Transfer, & Paralleling Switchgear

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2.4kV-38kV-SF6-Insulated Automatic Manual Transfer-Switchgear-

Load Transfer Switchgear

APT has an expansive offering of Automatic and Manual Load Transfer Switchgear (ATS), sometimes referred to as Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switch. These power system products are often used to switch load from a normal power source to an emergency power source upon failure of the normal power source. We offer a range of control options from Open Transition Transfer to Closed Transition Transfer with or without soft loading/unloading. We also offer variety of construction types Metal-Enclosed, Metal-Clad, Front Access only, with switching elements being circuit breakers or switches. 


Paralleling Switchgear & Control Systems

APT Paralleling Switchgear and Paralleling Control Systems are able to control power generators in voltage range of 120 V – 38 kV and up to 6000 Amps.  APT Paralleling Switchgear is used to manage and control multiple and various sources of distributed and utility power providing such functions as synchronization, active (kW) and reactive (kVAR) loading control, import/export control, zero power (bumpless) load transfer, active (kW) and reactive (kVAR) load sharing, load demand control, load shedding control, utility demand charges control and load optimization.


Outdoor Walk-in & Skid-Mounted Switchgear

APT is one of the few leading switchgear manufacturers that also manufactures the equipment buildings and walk-in enclosures in house.   We offer several styles of pre-engineered metal equipment buildings and walk-in or reach-in equipment enclosures.  Our PwrHouse style offers unlimited flexibility of sizes, shipping splits, insulation, climate control and other options.   Our ISO container based switchgear module (PwrContainer) offers compact size, ease of transportation and rapid deployment.  APT also offers a Drop-Over Walk-In Switchgear Enclosure Shelter (PwrShell). It can be just “dropped over” the new or existing indoor or outdoor non-walk-in switchgear that needs additional environmental protection or to be converted into a walk-in style.  Our GenHouse product is an outdoor walk-in enclosure  that houses a generator combined with power distribution switchgear. Our PwrSkid product offers skid mounted non walk-in switchgear transformers and other power system products.


Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear

APT’s flagship Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) Metal-Clad Switchgear (15A-Series) provides a feature packed traditional draw-out vacuum circuit breaker switchgear. This switchgear incorporates vacuum circuit breakers and is used as utility substation or facility main switchgear.  It can also be applied for utility/generator automatic/manual paralleling, peak shaving, main-tie-main, and automatic transfer applications.


Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

APT Medium Voltage (2.4kV – 38kV) Metal-Enclosed Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switchgear can be built for both indoor and outdoor installations. This switchgear offers ultimate flexibility, with options available to meet virtually any power system needs. Available options include full size draw-out (MEA-Series), compact size (MED-Series) and Ultra-compact Front Access only (FAC-Series) all featuring vacuum circuit breakers.

208V-480V-UL-Listed-Low-Voltage Paralleling Switchgear APT Power

Low Voltage Switchboards & Switchgear

APT Low Voltage (208V, 480V, 575V, 600V, 690V) Switchboards & Control Switchgear (SGU & SBU-Series) can be used as Distribution or Paralleling Switchboards for Normal Power, Prime Power or an Emergency Power application.  APT Low Voltage Switchgear and Switchboards can seamlessly transfer electrical loads from the utility to the generators. Electrical loads can also be seamlessly transferred from the generators to the utility, in conjunction with automatic standby operation.


Grounding Systems

APT’s Grounding Systems can be used to provide effective grounding for medium voltage transformers, generators, and ungrounded power systems. We offer Low Resistance Grounding System Neutral Grounding Resistors (LZR-Series) and High Resistance Grounding System Transformer-Resistor Systems (HZR-Series). Low and High Impedance Grounding Reactors (ZGR-Series) and Zig-Zag Effective Grounding Systems (ZZX-Series) are also an available.


Generator / Load Bank Quick Connection

APT’s Generator / Load Bank Quick Connection series is your best solution for quickly connecting a rental generator set or load bank to your facility. APT offers low voltage floor-standing or wall-mount designs, ranging from 400A to 4000A. Optional features include circuit breakers, phase rotation monitoring, ground fault monitoring, manual transfer, and various enclosure options.


Surge Protection

The APT Surge Snubber (SurgeStop+) is designed to protect the insulation of medium voltage generators, transformers, and motors. As a result, this reduces the surge wave’s rise rate in the event of switching or lightning surges.


Engineered Power Systems

APT has you covered from primary utility intertie to backup generator paralleling. APT also manufactures unit substations and can supply equipment all the way down to point of use panelboards.

Our Engineered Power System products consist of Traditional AC Balance of Plant Power Distribution Systems (APS), Solar Power AC Collection, Distribution, and Grid-Tie Switchgear Systems (BrightPwr). We also manufcture switchgear & control systems for data centers (DataCTR). One of our other products is large scale microgrid sustainable energy systems (APTGrid).

APT also offers combined heat & power systems (CHPSA) that increase energy efficiency. Another unique product we offer is rotating energy conversion motor-generator (RotoVerter) and battery energy storage systems (EnerStore).


Master Control Systems

APT Engineered To Order Switchgear Master Control Panels are designed to control medium or low voltage power systems.   APT Master Control Panels incorporate the following options from the Product Selector: Remote SCADA System (APTView), Load Shed Control (LS), Load Demand Control (LDC), Island Mode Control (IM), Utility Intertie (UI), Peak Shaving (PS), Import/Export Control (IE), or Microgrid Interconnection (MG). We also have Load Add Control (LAC), External BAS SCADA Interfacing (BSI), and External (Paralleling and/or Transfer, Load Shed) By Others (EX).

Unit substation skid mounted switchgear

Unit Substations & Transformers​

APT offers compact single ended and double ended unit substations. These power system products include substation dry type and oil-filled transformers (PTX-Series). Other products offered include ISO container based transformer modules (PwrContainerT) and close-coupled Medium Voltage Switchgear with Transformer & Low Voltage Switchboard (MTL-Series).


Arc Flash Mitigation Switchgear

APT Custom Arc Flash Mitigation Switchgear (ArCrypt-Series) is available in low & medium voltage applications. This type of power system product is for areas where traditional arc resistant switchgear does not fit. APT’s ArCrypt Series is designed to reduce the severity of an arc flash. An arc flash can be a result of a short circuit or other fault condition.


Transfer Control Systems

APT Engineered To Order Transfer Control Systems can be designed to control medium or low voltage switchgear. Available options from the APT Product Selector include: Manual Transfer (MT), “N+1” Redundant Generator Transfer Control, Automatic Standby Open Transfer (OT1) or Closed Transfer (CT1), Soft-loading/Unloading (SL1), and Maintenance Bypass/Isolation with Captive Key (BI). There are a few additional transfer control systems. These include Automatic Open Transition Transfer with Bypass/Isolation (ATO-BI), Maintenance Bypass Main-Tie-Main Operation (MTM), and Bypass/Isolation with Solenoid Key Release Unit (SK).  You can also choose the Automatic Return to Normal (AR) or Non-Automatic Operator Supervised Return to Normal (NA) operation. Automatic Transfer Control Modules allow for bumpless transfer of electrical loads via automatic standby operation. Bumpless transfer means the electrical loads can move from one power source to another without disruption to the load.


Industrial Control Panels

APT offers Industrial Control Panels in flexible configurations for your application. Annunciation Panels (PowerAdvisor-Series) can be provided in a separate control cabinet, or as an integral part of an APT system. Whether it is to start a motor (MotorGo-series), or provide power measurements and metering (PowerSense-Series), APT has the Industrial Control Panel to fit your application.


Kits & Accessories

A variety of Kits & Accessories are available from APT for your power system equipment. We offer switchgear station battery systems & replacements. In addition, we have battery chargers, power system upgrade kits, lift trucks, and mechanical lug kits, instrument transformers, stand-off insulators, bus bar, GPO-3 insulation, terminal blocks, control relays and more.