Powering Life for Modern Humanity

Unit Substations & Transformers

  • Close-coupled MV Switchgear with Transformer & LV Switchboard
  • Compact Single Ended & Double Ended Unit Substations
  • Substation Dry Type Transformers
  • Pad Mount Oil-Filled Transformers
  • ISO Container Based Transformer Modules

Unit Substation Switchgear

APT’s MTL-Series Medium/Low Voltage Skid-Mounted Secondary Unit Substation Switchgear is highly versatile. It consists of Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear with a power transformer. These units work together to bring service power to the largest facilities. Therefore, The MTL-Series Unit Substation Switchgear offers versatile substations with several configurations. It is designed for 2.4kv-38kV Medium Voltage Applications, and 208V-690V Low Voltage Applications.

Dry Type / Oil Filled Transformers


Our PTX-Series offers dry type & oil filled transformers. In addition, it comes with transformer modules and low & medium voltage transformers. The transformers & transformer modules are built for easy transportation, installation, and rapid power deployment applications. Furthermore, you can choose either copper or aluminum windings for this power transformer. They range from 500 kVA-3,000 kVA.

Transformer Integrated Unit Substation Walk-In Switchgear Container Module

This unit substation component is built for quick movement through power systems. PwrContainerT is an outdoor walk-in module with pre-connected low, medium voltage transformer. In addition, it is a containerized unit substation switchgear. The walk-in switchgear isle is built as one piece of custom enclosure for simpler onsite installation. All equipment inside is factory installed and wired. Last, but not least, the PwrContainerT has durable, weather resistant construction for harsh environments.