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2.4kV-24kV Surge Protection

  • Arrester, Resistance, Capacitor Surge Snubber
  • Transient Magnitude & Rate of Rise Protection for Transformers, Generators, Motors
  • Engineered Protection Against Transient Damage, Protects Lightning Strikes, Switching Transients, and Resonance Issues

SurgeStop+ 2.4kV-24kV Power System Protection RC Surge Snubber

Consider the APT Surge Snubber as your next surge protection device. It is designed to protect the insulation of medium voltage generators, transformers, and motors. It does this by reducing the surge wave’s rise rate in the event of switching or lightning surges. As a result, having an APT Surge Snubber installed will protect your equipment against the damage, chaos, and hazards that can be associated with switching and lightning surges. In addition, the snubber has custom sizes for enclosures to allow them to be mounted in any position. It has a low loss dielectric design and high transient voltage withstand. APT’s Surge Snubber has a 10 second overvoltage rating suitable for use with our 10 second LZR-series Neutral Grounding Resistor. Sensing & Monitoring are also available upon request.

200-240 kA APT Surge Protection Device (SPD)

APT specializes in providing high-quality electrical surge devices (SPD) designed to guard equipment and systems against harmful power surges. Our range of surge protection solutions enable you to not only decrease downtime, but also increase the lifespan of your electrical equipment and guarantee continuous operation. Electrical surges, whether from lightning strikes, power grid fluctuations, or internal electrical issues, can cause substantive damage to sensitive electronics and equipment. Surge protection is vital for the prevention of equipment damage, as well as to maintain data and information, prolong equipment lifespan. We also offer data and communication line surge protectors that are specially designed for the protection of sensitive data and communication lines. For industrial settings, we offer robust surge protection devices designed to handle high-voltage and high-current surges. These solutions are customized to protect important equipment and control systems.

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