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208V-600V Low Voltage Paralleling Switchgear & Switchboard Solutions

  • 208V, 240V, 480V, 575V, 600V, 690V UL 891 Switchboard & UL 1558
  • Utility & Generator Paralleling Automatic Transfer Applications for Low Voltage Paralleling Switchgear & Switchboards
  • Utility Intertie, Main-Tie-Main, & Distribution Applications for Low Voltage Paralleling Switchgear & Switchboards
  • Cogeneration, Solar, & Microgrid Applications
  • Prime Power & Emergency Power Applications
UL 891 Low-Voltage-Electrical Switchgear

ANSI C37.20.1 Switchgear / Low Voltage Unit Substation Switchgear​

APT (SGU series) Low Voltage Paralleling Switchgear (208V – 690V) is built to the ANSI C37.20.1 standard. Additionally, it gives the features of UL 1558 Switchgear with the flexibility of a UL 891 listing.
The SGU-Series is available in both indoor and outdoor installation. This ultra barriered switchgear solution utilizes draw-out UL 1066 Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers Only.


UL 891 Switchboards / Control Switchgear

APT (SBU series) Low Voltage (208V – 690V) metal enclosed distribution switchgear can be built for both indoor and outdoor installations. This low voltage paralleling switchgear has ultimate flexibility and options available to meet virtually any power system needs. You can choose either insulated case or molded case circuit breakers for your SBU-Series. Plus, its intelligent close prevents simultaneously connecting multiple generators to a dead bus.

APT-Power Solar Switchgear Switchboard

UL Listed Fully Assembled Distribution Panelboard

208V, 480V, 600V – Low Voltage Distribution Fully Assembled Electrical Panelboard Up to 1200A Main Bus


Motor Control Center Switchgear (MCC)

The APT PwrMotorL-Series Motor Control Center Switchgear provides safe and reliable control of any size motor. This switchgear features Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), Soft Starts (with or without Bypass), and manual motor starting. As a result, the PwrMotor-L Series offers flexible configurations for your application.

Paralleled Generator Distribution Switchboard

The GenProtect-P Paralleled Generator Distribution Switchboard is a high end powerful solution to your application. It features an insulated case circuit breaker panel in a floor-standing enclosure. Power Distribution Switchgear can be used in a variety of applications. That includes Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) paralleling and power distribution to loads requiring advanced circuit breaker features. Those features include high interrupting rating or draw-out capability.


208V to 480V Generator Voltage Changeover Switchboard​

APT GenVerter 208V to 480V Generator Voltage Changeover Switchboard provides a simplified means of output protection. Additionally, it reconnects the 12 lead generator for either low voltage mode (240-208V L-L / 120V L-N) or high voltage mode (480V L-L / 277V L-N) operation. The GenVerter Switchboard consists of a base insulating board with copper bus bars installed. It also features a movable top insulating board with various copper bus bar links installed. Voltage changeover is achieved by removing Linkboard nuts/washers, moving the Linkboard up or down a position as required. Finally, you would reinstall the nuts/washers.

Generator Output Protection Switchboard​

This low Voltage Output Protection Switchgear features a Circuit Breaker Cabinet for use with Diesel & Gas Generators. It is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. The GenProtectM-Series is 100% Air Insulated. Its remote controllable design increases operator safety. That also applies to its provision for connecting field grounding cables. You do not need to tape or boot field cable terminations. In addition, you get to choose generator protective relay functions for this switchgear.

Generator Output & Fire Pump Distribution Panel​

APT GM-Series Generator Output & Fire Pump Protection Distribution Panel is a generator mountable molded case circuit breaker panel. It allows single or multiple circuit breakers to be mounted onto a gen-set to feed output loads up to 3000A. The GM-Series comes in a variety of custom colors. It also features a screw removable front panel allowing circuit breaker bus and lug access. Kirk Key Interlocking is available to prevent two sources from accidental paralleling.

208V-480V-Generator Output Fire Pump Protection
208V-690V-Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure

208V-690V Bus Enclosure / Tap Box​

This Bus Enclosure operates in 208V, 480V, 600V, and 800V. It also features Cable Splicing Up to 4000A. As a result, the BE-1 Series is flexible and helps make Cable Splicing easier! You can use our Mechanical Lugs for line and load terminations. Optional compression lugs are available upon request.

208V-690V-Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure Interior
integrated power center

Integrated Power Center

APT’s Integrated Power Center bundles the electrical panelboard with a dry type transformer into one factory-assembled and prewired integrated solution. Panel includes 480V Main Circuit breaker cabled to a 3 Phase, 480V delta primary, 208Y/120V secondary dry type transformer. The transformer secondary is cabled to the 42 circuit panelboard main for distribution to your loads. Typical applications for IPC include office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities.