WM2-MT 208V-480V Service Entrance Generator Quick Connect Manual Transfer Tap Box

208V - 480V Portable Generator Quick Connection Transfer Tap Box

Service Entrance Generator Quick Connect Manual Transfer Tap Box is a crucial component in electrical power systems, particularly in scenarios where continuous power supply is paramount. This innovative device serves as a vital link between a primary electrical service entrance and a backup generator, enabling seamless power transfer during outages or planned maintenance.

The key feature of this manual transfer tap box is its ability to swiftly connect the electrical load from the main utility supply to an auxiliary generator source.

The manual operation allows for precise control over the power transfer process, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and ensuring a smooth transition. With  a range of ampacity and voltage options to suit various applications, this  durable enclosure provides protection from environmental factors.

208V-480V-Service-Entrance GQC Manual Transfer Tap-Box​

400A - 2500A Service Entrance Generator Quick Connection Tap Box

  • UL Listed, Service Entrance Equipment (SE)
  • Saves floor space & installation cost by replacing the need for an external manual or automatic transfer switch
  • System Ratings:
    • Voltage: 208V-480V (3Ø, 4W)
    • Current: 400A-2500A
    • Interrupting Rating: 10-65 kAIC
  • Temporary Generator & Utility Protection
    • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    • Fixed mount
    • Electronic trip unit with adjustable Long Time, Short Time, Instantaneous settings
    • 100% rated
    • Breaker Position Aux Contacts (“a” & “b”)
  • Silver-plated copper phase bus bar for permanent connection to the facility

Standard Construction - Fully Customizable

  • Easy and spacious access to color coded, generator (male) & loadbank (female) E1016 cam-lok type receptacles with covers
    • A phase – Brown (480V) / Black (208V)
    • B phase – Orange (480V) / Red (208V)
    • C phase – Yellow (480V) / Blue (208V)
    • Neutral – White
    • Ground – Green
  • Standard Enclosure:
    • Pad-lockable hinged main access door
    • Integral lower flip door (allows the main door to be closed with the mobile generator cables connected)
    • Bottom door mechanically interlocked with front door to prevent unauthorized access to receptacles when not in use
    • Powder coated ANSI 61 Gray
    • NEMA 1/3R for indoor applications
    • Utility & Permanent Connections: (Side/Rear, Exit)
    • Temporary Connections: (Bottom Flip Door Entry)
800A Temporary Generator Connection Receptacles Accessed via Key

Installation Drawings & Diagrams

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Applicable Standards

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