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BE1-Series 208V-690V Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure

208V, 480V, 600V, 800V Low Voltage Enclosed Bus for Cable Splicing Up to 4000A

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   Low Voltage Switchgear Information

This complete line of 208V – 690V indoor and outdoor switchgear is the ultimate in flexibility and has options available to meet virtually any power system needs.

   Low Voltage Switchgear Options

Some of the available options include:

  • Automatic Load Transfer Switching operation
  • Automatic Main-Tie Main operation
  • Configurations with multiple Main and multiple Tie circuit breakers
  • Incorporation of any size dry type transformers
  • Automatic paralleling of multiple generators for Prime Power application
  • Automatic paralleling of multiple generators for Co-Generation application
  • Automatic paralleling of multiple generators for Peak-Shaving application
  • Automatic paralleling of dissimilar prime movers such as: gas turbines, diesel engines, natural gas reciprocating engines, landfill and digester gas reciprocating engines, combustion turbines, synchronous and induction generators, inverter based systems, motor-generators, wind and solar driven generators
  • Seamless load transfer between power sources
  • Solid, low impedance and high impedance grounded systems
  • Indoor (Nema 1), Outdoor non walk-in (Nema 3R) and Outdoor walk-in (pre-engineered heated and air conditioned equipment building) configurations
  • Heavy skid mounted switchgear and substations
  • Provisions for maintenance grounding of the feeder cables
  • Web enabled, remote monitoring and control
  • Remote control and relay panels
  • Virtual switchgear control line-ups for ultimate operator safety

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