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208V-480V-Automatic-Transfer Switchboard With Bypass-Isolation

What are my options for Automatic Transfer Switchgear?

15A-AT 2.4kV-15kV Metal-Clad Automatic Transfer Switchgear (ATS)
AZ-Series 208V-480V Automatic Transfer Switch
FAC-AT 2.4kV-38kV Front Access Compact Automatic Transfer Switchgear (ATS)
FS2-T 208V-480V SE GQC Transfer Switchboard
MES-MT 2.4kV-38kV Manual Transfer Switchgear (MTS)
MF2-T 2.4kV-38kV SE GQC Transfer Switchgear
MS6-AT 2.4kV-38kV Automatic Transfer Switchgear (ATS)
SBU-AT 208V-480V Circuit Breaker Based Automatic Transfer Switchboard
SBU-ATO-BI 208V-480V Automatic Transfer Switchboard with Bypass/Isolation
SBU-BI 208V-480V UPS, ATS Servicing Bypass/Isolation Panel

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What is Paralleling Switchgear?

Paralleling switchgear allows for safe synchronization of two or more power sources.
APT has equipment for Generator Automatic Paralleling Only, Utility Paralleling Switchgear for Multiple Utility Feeds Only and Generator with Utility Main Feeds.

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