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ArCryptM-Series 2.4kV-15kV Custom Arc Resistant Switchgear

2.4kV, 4.16kV, 6.6kV, 7.2kV, 11kV, 12.47kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV, 22kV, 27kV, 34.5kV, 38kV - Medium Voltage Custom Arc Resistant Switchgear

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   Arc Resistant Switchgear Information

Medium Voltage Insulated Case Circuit Breaker Panel in a floor-standing enclosure is a high quality insulated case or power circuit breaker for use as a Generator or Service Main, or to feed MCCs, switchboards, and large equipment loads.

   Floor Standing Panel

  • Floor-Standing/Pad Mountable
  • Large Bus Bar Connections Simplify Field Cable Installation
  • Provides Robust 100% Rated Disconnecting Mans, with Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Carbon Steel Enclosure powder coated ANSI 61 Gray
  • Enclosure Includes Hinged Front Door with Lockable T-Handles
  • Dimensions: 80”H x 28”W x (23” up to 62”D)
  • Options:
    • UL  Listed
    • Service Entrance Rated
    • LSI, LSIG
    • Electric Operator
    • Draw Out Circuit Breaker
    • Circuit Breaker Control Switch
    • Circuit Breaker Position Indicating Lamps
    • Electric Metering
    • Emergency Stop Pushbutton
    • Generator Protection
    • Fault Annunciation
    • Automatic Source Transfer Control
    • Generator Paralleling Control
    • Main Bus
    • Modbus Serial or Ethernet Communications
    • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Enclosure


  • UL 489
  • 100% Rated
  • Fixed Mount
  • LI Trip Unit
  • Shunt Trip
  • Auxiliary Contacts
  • Bell Alarm

   Gen-Mount Panel

  • Application Voltage:
    • 120V/240V (2Ø)
    • 120V/208V, 480V, 600V (3Ø)
  • NEMA standard hole pattern (3000A) or circuit breaker lug terminations for connections.
  • Enclosure
    • NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 3R (outdoor) installation.
    • Carbon steel.
    • Painted ANSI 61 Gray or a variety of custom colors.
    • Screw Removable Front Panel allows circuit breaker bus and lug access.
  • Your choice of cable entrance/exit locations
  • Typical Dimensions:
  •  40″H x 28”W x 18”D

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