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CCI-Series CAT Communications Integrator Panel

Caterpillar Engine Modbus Converter from CCM to Modbus Communications

   Panel Information

The APT Caterpillar engine modbus converter (CCI) Communications panel integrates Caterpillar CCM and converts its output to RS-485 port with Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol. Modbus RTU protocol allows for easy integration into customers SCADA, DSC or other computerized monitoring systems.This is a wall mounted panel and is very easy to install. No special tools or connectors are required. One CCI with one CCM will monitor one (1) EUI engine and one (1) EMCPII+ panel or two (2) EMCPII+ panels.

   Panel Features

  • Fully Integrated NEMA 1 Wall-Mounted Panel
  • Standard Terminal Points for Field Connected 120VAC and 24VDC Power, CAT Data Link, and RS-485 Connections
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Jumper Selectable 2 Wire or 4 Wire RS-485 Connection
  • 16 Additional 24VDC Inputs for Monitoring Additional Field Devices such as Fuel, Oil and Coolant Levels, Spill Switches, Circuit Breaker Positions, etc.
  • 16 Additional 24VDC Digital Outputs for Controlling Louvers, Circuit Breakers, Start/Stop, etc.
  • All 24VDC Inputs and Outputs are Readable and Writeable Via Modbus Port
  • Custom Register Mapping is Available

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