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HZR-Series Neutral Grounding Reactor (HRG) High Resistance Grounding System

High Impedance Grounding Equipment for Detecting Ground Fault Current of a Medium Voltage Generator or Transformer Neutral

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   Grounding System Information

An appropriately sized APT HZR-Series High Resistance Grounding (HRG) System provides increased continuity of service due to the ability to operate a power system under a ground fault condition. A ground fault alarm is provided to alert the operations personnel to assist in identifying and correcting the ground fault condition and consider orderly shut down as required to clear the fault.

  • Elimination of the stress on the power system equipment and damage to the power system equipment caused by the ground faults.
  • Elimination of the arc flash hazard associated with the ground faults.
  • Detection of the ground fault conditions in the previously ungrounded power systems.
  • Elimination of the ferroresonance and “re-striking” overvoltages in ungrounded and high impedance grounded power systems.

Please consult an APT applications engineer if you need assistance with the selection of type of neutral grounding system and sizing of the neutral grounding devices.

Applicable Standards

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