APT Low & Medium Voltage Paralleling Switchgear

• Virtual Remote Switchgear SCADA System
• Automatic Paralleling of Generators, Utilities, & Renewable Power Sources
• Manual/Automatic Transfer from Normal to Back-up & Emergency Sources
• Utility Peak Demand Shaving & Microgrid Smart Power Systems
• Utility Intertie & Bypass/Isolation



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APT Medium Voltage Paralleling Switchgear

APT Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) metal enclosed switchgear can be built for indoor and outdoor generator paralleling applications. Available in both full and compact sizes, and featuring vacuum circuit breakers, it offers the ultimate in flexibility with options available to meet virtually any power system needs.


APT Low Voltage Paralleling Switchgear​

APT Low Voltage (208V, 480, 600V+) metal enclosed switchgear can be built for indoor and outdoor generator paralleling applications.


Generator Paralleling Control Module

APT Advanced Paralleling Controls can be used in Prime Power or an Emergency Power applications which requires operation of multiple generators in parallel.


Utility Paralleling Control Module

APT Utility Paralleling Switchgear offers seamless transfer of electrical loads from the utility to the generators and vice versa together with automatic standby operation.


Low Cost Two Generator Paralleling Control Module

The APT A2 Basic Generator Paralleling Control Module is a low cost automatic paralleling switchgear. Large gensets come with long lead times, buying two smaller gensets and using the A2 will provide a cost effective, quick delivery, and compact automatic paralleling solution.


CAT Power Module Paralleling Control Module

The APT's CAT Power Module Paralleling Control is a compact, features-packed product that is specifically designed to become a part of a containerized generator set system.