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SurgeStop+ 2.4kV-24kV Power System Protection RC Surge Snubber

Surge Snubber for Medium Voltage Generator or Transformer Neutral

   SurgeStop Information

The APT Surge Snubber is designed to protect the insulation of medium voltage generators, transformers, and motors by reducing the rate of rise of the surge wave in the event of switching or lightning surges. Having an APT Surge Snubber installed will protect your equipment against the damage, chaos, and hazards that can be associated with switching and lightning surges.

   Product Features

  • Station Class Surge Arresters
  • Custom sizes for enclosures allow RC Surge Snubbers to be mounted in any position
  • Low loss dielectric design
  • High transient voltage withstand
  • 10 seconds overvoltage rating suitable for use with 10 seconds rated neutral grounding resistors
  • For use in 50 Hz or 60 Hz Applications

   Product Specifications

  • System line-line voltage up to 24kV
  • System line-ground voltage up to 13.86kV
  • Surge Level up to 90kV*
  • Time to reduce residual voltage to less than 50V after de-energizing is 5 minutes
  • Ambient temperature ratings from -40° to +50° Celsius
  • Available in NEMA 1 for indoor applications or NEMA 3R for outdoor applications
  • Cable entry from top or bottom
  • Capacitance per phase from 0.083 µF to 0.5 µF*
  • Resistance per phase 34 MΩ*

* Dependent on System Voltage

Installation Drawings & Diagrams

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Applicable Standards

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