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BrightPwr Photovoltaic (PV) Solar AC Balance of Plant Power Collection Systems

Balance of Plant Power Smart Controls for Utility Intertie, Solar Switchgear for Aggregation

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Solar Power Systems implementation costs continue to decline. Let APT be your source for alternative renewable energy Balance of System (BOS) equipment for Solar Farm Power Systems & Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants. We have the resources to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the collection of solar generated power for utility scale grid tie and microgrid applications.

Solar Switchgear Product Features

No matter the size or complexity the site is, APT has you covered from the inverters to Point of Common Coupling (PCC) in utility applications or connection to a micro-grid for power distribution with the following:

  • Solar Site Planning, One-Line Diagram Development, Engineering and Design Review
  • Low and Medium Voltage Utility Intertie Switchgear according to IEEE 1547 and Utility Company requirements
    • MEA-Series Utility to Solar Generation Tie Switchgear eliminates the need for external individually mounted and wired, pole mount equipment with unmatched reliability
  • Advanced microgrid controls for peak shaving, paralleling with utilities, other generators and islanding
  • Integrated battery storage generators for increased microgrid stability, transient response and improved motor starting
  • Low to medium voltage solar Step-up Transformers
  • Outdoor NEMA 3R Non-Walk-In Solar Application Specific Solar PV Power Combiner Switchgear, Custom AC Switchboards and AC Panelboards
  • Outdoor Walk-In PV Combiner & Utility Intertie Switchgear Modules with sheltered working and maintenance rooms
  • Solar PV Effective Grounding Equipment including grounding transformers
  • Pole Mounted or Pad Mounted Low and Medium Volatge Gang-Operated Disconnect Switches, Fuses, Surge Arresters, and Cut-Outs
  • Go Solar California! Approved Solar Power Metering
    • For more information on the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and Go Solar Calfornia! Click here
    • Remote Monitoring SCADA systems
    • On-Site Commissioning Assistance and Training
    • Dedicated high-brightness digital LED displays are visible in the bright sunlight or the dark

Applicable Standards

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Our Service & Expertise

Advanced Power Technologies (APT) offers a full range of:

  • Intelligent power distribution systems
  • Low and medium voltage switchgear
  • Walk-in equipment buildings
  • And more!

We design and build our products in-house, based on how you would like it to be. APT has many different options to create the best and reliable switchgear for your power system.

APT will provide a comprehensive system commissioning and integration once we install our equipment. We will continue our ongoing support during the lifetime of the installation, including:

  • Field service upgrades
  • Retrofits