How are you controlling your power needs?

From power consumption management to emergency back up systems, Advanced Power Technologies - APT can provide your company with an integrated power system solution for including the following applications:

•  Prime Power
•  Peak Shaving
•  Electric Utilities
•  Emergency Power
•  Military Rapid Deployment
•  Water & Waste Water Utilities
•  Universities
•  Data Centers
•  Grocery/Retail
•  Alternative Energy
•  Energy & Medical Centers
•  And More!

2.4kV-15kV Switchgear

APT Medium Voltage (2.4kV, 4.16kV, 7.2kV, 12.47kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV, 14.4kV, 15kV) metal enclosed Automatic Paralleling Switchgear can be built for both indoor (NEMA 1) and outdoor (NEMA 3R) installations. Available in both full and compact sizes, and featuring vacuum circuit breakers, it offers flexible options to meet virtually any power system needs.