Powering Life for Modern Humanity

APT Transfer Switchgear Control Systems

  • Remote Switchgear SCADA System
  • Manual/Automatic Transfer from Normal to Back-up & Emergency Sources
  • Automatic Paralleling of Generators, Utilities, & Renewable Power Sources
  • Utility Peak Demand Shaving & Microgrid Smart Power Systems
  • Utility Intertie & Bypass/Isolation

Automatic Load Transfer Control Panel


APT (TCP-Series) Automatic Load Transfer Control Panel for use with External Automatic Transfer Switches

Redundant Generator Transfer Contol


APT’s  N1 series (N + 1 Redundant Genereator Transfer Control) Automatically Transfer to Second Back-up Generator for Systems with a Back-up to the Back-Up (Redundant) Generator Configuration

APT Model ATS-5335 Automatic Standby Open Transfer

Automatic Transfer Control with Open Transition Transfer for Emergency Power During a Source Outage

Automatic Standby Closed Transfer - Momentary


APT (CT1 series) Automatic Transfer Control with Bumpless Closed Transition Transfer for No Outtage on a Source Transfer

Automatic Soft-loading/Unloading ATS


APT (SL1 series) Soft Loading & Unloading Switchgear Control for Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switchgear

Manual Transfer


Manual Transfer Control with Mechanical Key Interlocking

Maintenance Bypass/Isolation with Captive Key


Bypass/Isolation for UPS Maintenance with SKRU, & Redundant Bypass/Isolation with Low & Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switchgear