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• Insulated Sheltered Isle Switchgear Buildings
• Indoor/Outdoor Skid-Mounted Switchgear
• ISO Container Based Walk-In Switchgear Container Modules
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PwrHouse - Electrical House (E-House) Walk-In Switchgear Building

APT PwrHouse Walk-in Switchgear Electrical House (E-House) Buildings take the traditional outdoor Walk-in switchgear to another level. The switchgear line-up and the isle are manufactured as one piece; therefore, reduces the amount of required on-site assembly and installation time. The PwrHouse E-House is also thermally insulated with various climate control and control room options available, for comfort and safety of maintenance and operations personnel.


PwrContainer - Rapid Deployment E-House Walk-In Switchgear Container Module

The PwrContainer Rapid Deployment Electrical House (e-House) Walk-In Switchgear Container Module is built for ease of transportation, installation, and rapid power deployment applications. Advanced Power Technologies' FAC-Series front access compact low and medium voltage air insulated switchgear (up to 15 kV) is the ideal switchgear for this compact, easy to transport solution.

GenHouse -Combined-Generator-Enclosure-Switchgear-Electrical-House-APT-Power

GenHouse- Combined Generator Enclosure & Switchgear Electrical (e-House) Walk-in Building

  • APT GenHouse Combined Generator Enclosure & Switchgear Electrical House (e-House) Walk-in Brochure

PwrContainerR - Rental Switchgear Container Module - One (1) Always Available in Stock for Emergency Rapid Deployment

APT always keeps One (1) Like New Reconditioned Rapid Deployment Switchgear Module in stock to serve our emergency rapid deployment customers. A typical rapid deployment module consists of a twelve (12) 1200A, 40kA circuit breaker configurable switchgear line-up able to accommodate any combination of generators, mains, and feeders with a 1200A main bus. This 40' rapid deployment ISO container based switchgear module is designed to allow your facility to be connected to utility or generator power with lead time of as little as two weeks! This is far below the set-up times of traditional, newly ordered switchgear. When time is critical to bringing your facility on-line, trust APT to be there with our quick ship solutions.


PwrSkid - Skid-Mounted Switchgear Systems

APT PwrSkid features low or medium voltage parallelling, distribution & motor control applications. Utility metering compartments can be integrated in the switchgear.

  • APT PwrSkid Skid-Mounted Switchgear Systems Brochure