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Advanced Power System - AC Balance of Plant Power Distribution Systems

Low & Medium Voltage Balance of Plant Power Smart Controls & Switchgear Equipment

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APT’s Advanced Power System (APS) will have you covered from primary utility intertie to backup generator paralleling switchgear. Then, there are unit substations all the way down to point of use panelboards. No matter how complex the project, trust APT to develop a solution that suits your needs and your budget!

Plant Power Distribution Systems & Features

Master Control Panel

  • Isolated or Line-up Integration
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Advanced Industrial Personal Computer (AiPC)
    • 20″ Full Color Touchscreen
    • Provides power system monitoring & control via SCADA graphical interface
  • Several functions, including:
    • Storing all monitored data every minute with date and time stamp
    • Free license remote monitoring and remote-control software
  • User ability to adjust setpoints and operation modes to adopt the system operation to changing needs
  • Even more features!

Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear

  • Smart and Flexible Switchgear to meet the high demands of tomorrow!
    • Several applications to choose from, including:
      • Utility Paralleling & Generator Paralleling Switchgear
      • Main-Tie-Main Automatic or Manual Transfer Switchgear
      • Distribution Feeder Switchgear
    • Steel Enclosed Compartmentalized Main Bus
      • 1200A, 2000A, 3000A
    • Infrared (IR) Viewing Windows
    • Symmetrical Interrupting Capacity:
      • 2.4kV – 15kV: 40kA, 50kA, 63kA
    • NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 3R (outdoor) Non-Walk-In
    • Integrated into APT PwrHouse Outdoor Walk-In Switchgear Building
  • You can find more on this type of switchgear here

FAC-AT Front Access Compact Automatic Transfer Switchgear

  • Medium Voltage
    • 2.4kV – 38kV
  • Space Saving
  • Open or Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switchgear Applications:
    • One Utility Source & One Generator Source
    • Two Utility Sources
    • Two Generator Sources
  • Steel Enclosed Compartmentalized Main Bus
    • 1200A, 2000A, 3000A
  • Infrared (IR) Viewing Windows
  • Symmetrical Interrupting Capacity:
    • 2.4kV – 15kV: 12kA, 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA, 50kA 
  • Additional configurations:
2.4kV-38kV-Front Access Compact Automatic Transfer Switchgear Balance of Plant Power Distribution-Systems
208V-480V-UL-Listed-Low-Voltage Paralleling Switchgear APT Power

SBU-Series Switchboards

  • Low Voltage
    • 208V – 690V, 3Ø
  • Silver plated copper bus
  • Standard bus ampacity up to 4000A
  • Bus Access & Cable Entry
    • Front or Rear Access for either top or bottom cable entry
  • Your choice of Insulated Case or Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Intelligent close prevents simultaneously connecting multiple generators to dead bus with adding APT Generator Paralleling Modules to generator circuit breaker sections
  • NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 3R (outdoor) Non-Walk-In
  • Integrated into APT PwrContainer ISO Container Based Outdoor Walk-In Switchgear Building Module
  • Click here to learn more about our SBU-Series

Generator Paralleling & Control Sections in Plant Power Distribution Systems

  • Behind door mounted generator protection circuit breaker provides an added layer of operator protection
  • Can automatically parallel multiple generators in the same or multiple sections
  • Complete manual paralleling facilities
  • Complete 3Ø Generator Protection
  • Remote Start/Stop Interface
  • Prevention of closing of multiple generators to a dead bus simultaneously
  • Even more features!

Protection for Facility Main/Feeders in Plant Power Distribution Systems

  • High visibility, LED type indicating lights with a service life of 100,000 hours at 77°F
  • Your choice of Molded Case or Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit Breaker Trip Units:
    • LI – Adjustable long time, instantaneous trip settings
    • LSI – Adjustable long & short time, instantaneous trip settings
    • LSIG – Adjustable long & short time, instantaneous trip settings, with ground fault trip settings

Temporary Generator/Load Bank Quick Connection

  • Per NEC 700.3, temporary generator connection applications require either mechanical or electrical interlocking of the power sources
    • This safely prevents inadvertently paralleling normal & emergency power sources
  • Multiple generators or feeders circuit breaker sections (multiple mechanical key interlocks, transfer block)
  • Operation sequence without sources interlocking is available for systems that achieve NEC 700.3 source interlocking externally
  • Loadbank connection only applications
    • Easily connects a temporary loadbank to a facility’s permanent generator(s)
    • Utilizes female cam-lok type receptacles
    • Circuit breaker and monitoring options available
  • Integrated Generator & Loadbank Quick Connection
    • Combines male & female cam-loks into one unit for all your temporary connection needs in one location
    • Dual-purpose termination cabinet allows for safe and clean connection of a portable temporary generator or loadbank
  • Cam-lok gender changeover adapters are an alternative to converting Generator Quick Connection into Loadbank Quick Connection
    • Subject to implemented options
  • Check out APT’s Generator/Loadbank Quick Connection Solutions here
208V-480V-Service-Entrance Portable Generator Quick Connection Transfer Switchboard​

PBU-Series Power Distribution Panels

  • Low Voltage
    • 208V – 600V
  • Frequency: 60 / 50Hz
  • Distributes Power to Facility Loads
  • Symmetrical Interrupting Capacity:
    • 18kA, 35kA, or 65kA
  • Surface Mountable
  • Bus Options:
    • Tin-plated Aluminum
    • Silver-plated Aluminum
    • Silver-plated Copper
  • Available Main:
    • Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • Molded Switch
    • Main Lugs Only
  • Can have up to fourteen 3-pole feeder breakers per section
  • Bottom & Side Entry for NEMA 1 & 3R
  • Top Entry for NEMA 1
  • Fuse Options available upon request

PTX-Series Utility Power Transformers

  • Built for easy transportation, installation, and rapid power deployment applications
  • Low to Medium Voltage
  • High Voltage Side:
    • Aluminum windings
    • 2.4kV – 34,500 V Delta or Wye Connected
    • BIL up to 200kV
    • Live front
    • Radial feed
  • Low Voltage Side:
    • Aluminium windings
    • Single Low Voltage winding
    • 208V – 1200 V Delta or Grounded Wye Connected
    • BIL up to 60kV
    • Epoxy 2 piece-bushings with 4-holes blade
  • Pad Mount, Step Down
  • Ratings:
    • 500kVA – 3,000 kVA
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Impedance: 5.75% ± 7.5%
    • Temperature Rise: 65°C
  • Dead front or Loop feed options
  • Enclosure:
    • Outdoor NEMA 3R
    • Mild steel tank & cabinet
    • Powder paint system; Color: ANSI 70 or Green Munsell 7GY 3.29/1.5
    • Weights: 7000 – 17,500 lbs.
  • APT FAC-Series front access compact low and medium voltage air insulated switchgear is the ideal switchgear for this transformer
  • You can find more on the PTX-Series Dry Type & Oil Filled Power Transformers here

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