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FAC-Series 2.4kV-15kV Front Access Compact 38.5″D Switchgear

2.4kV, 4.16kV, 6.6kV, 7.2kV, 11kV, 12.47kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV Paralleling, Transfer, & Distribution Front Access Compact Switchgear

Front Access Ultra Compact Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Interrupters & Visible Disconnect

  • Fixed mounted vacuum circuit breakers, installed on rollers. Rollers are provided to simplify the field removal of the circuit breakers.
  • Integral manual charging handle.
  • High-speed operation – complete fault clearing in less than 3 cycles.
  • Hermetically sealed vacuum interrupters protect contacts from corroding elements and contamination.
    • Copper chrome contacts provide superior dielectric strength.
    • Easy maintenance with contact wear indicator is provided on the vacuum interrupter moving stem.
    • Periodic visual inspection recommended.
  • Inline visible air-disconnect switch, pad-lockable in open and/or closed position, to ensure personnel safety during power system service, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Symmetrical Interrupting Capacity at 2.4kV-15kV
    • 12kA, 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA, 50kA

Power Solution Information

The APT Front Access Switchgear is a Compact Medium Voltage (2.4kV – 15kV) air insulated SF6-free Switchgear that utilizes state-of-the-art innovative switchgear design methods and technology. This allows for a smaller and lighter design that offers the peace of mind of visual assurance of full disconnection through the main bus connection window. This makes the FAC-Series the safest Medium Voltage Switchgear on the market. With each section’s small footprint (26″W x 38.5″D x 80″H), it will fit in places traditional sized switchgear cannot. It’s also easy to install on-site, reducing assembly time.

Product Features

  • Space saving Front Access Only design can be placed against the back wall.
  • Smallest footprint 15 kV air insulated switchgear on the market, each section is only 38.5” deep and 26” wide.
  • Increased operator safety:
    o Remote controllable design.
    o Completely metal enclosed dead front.
    o Provision for connection of field grounding cables.
    o Removable metal panel for viewing blades position of the visible disconnect air insulated switch (through Lexan protected viewing window).
  • Complete front access to all the components, bus and bolted joints.
  • Easy to maintain & environmentally friendly:
    o 100% air insulated, no SF6 gas used.
  • Modular, slideout design of the major power switching components to minimize the downtime, should component replacement or repair be needed.
  • Lower cost of installation: Insulating barriers provided between the phases, no need to tape or boot field cable terminations.
  • All bus is manufactured from silver plated copper.
    • Symmetrical Bracing Capactiy of 2.4kV-15kV
      • 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA, 50kA, 100kA
  • Protective Relaying Applications:
    • Utility Intertie & Paralleling Protection
    • Advanced Generator Protection
    • Tie Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Feeder Protection
    • Various Differential Protection Schemes
  • Typical Relaying Functions:
    • 25 – Synch Check
    • 32 – Reverse Power
    • 50/51 – Inst./Time Overcurrent
    • 50N/51N – Inst./Time Ground Overcurrent
    • 27/59 – Under/Overvoltage
    • 59N – Ground Overvoltage
    • 81U/81O – Under/Overfrequency
    • 40 – Loss of Excitation
    • 60 – Current Balance
    • 67 – Directional Overcurrent
    • 86 – (LO) Lock-Out Relay (Knob Grip)
    • 87 – Differential Protective Relay
    • 87B – Bus Differential
    • 87G – Generator Differential
  • Pistol Grip Circuit Breaker Control Switches provide a red and green target to indicate circuit breaker position status.
  • Test Switches provide a safe, simple, fast and reliable method to isolate, test, and service installed equipment without disturbing the power system.
    • Allows for quick and easy multi-circuit testing by conventional test methods.
  • Test Plugs enable easier measurement, calibration, verification and maintenance of relays, meters, PTs, & CTs.
    • Conveniently connects devices measuring the currents and voltages being applied to the relays, meters, PTs, & CTs without interrupting or short-circuiting the circuit.
  • Voltage Transformers (PTs) and Current Transformers (CTs) contain auxiliary drawers that accomodate fuses, control power transformers, or voltage transformers.
    • Secondary Self-aligning Contacts accommodate up to six independent circuits.
    • For operator safety these devices are automatically grounded during movement to disconnected position.
    • PTs Available in Wye or Open Delta Voltage Sensing Configurations.
    • CTs for Relaying/Power Sensing, Differential, or Ground Fault sensing available in standard or Revenue Grade Metering Accuracy.

Applicable Standards