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PLT-Series 208V-480V Generator Loadbank Quick Connection
Three Way Transfer Switchboard (Triple Switching)

Permanent Switch between New & Existing Generator Loadbank Temporary Quick Connection

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This generator loadbank triple switching product eliminates introducing an additional point of failure to the utility power system for permanent generator connection. The PLT-Series Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Quick Connection Switchboard features a permanent switch between new & existing generator loadbank temporary quick connection.

Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Quick Connection Switchboard

Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Power Solution

The generator loadbank triple switching quick connection switchboard is rated Type 3R for outdoor installation. Permanent switchboard installation and connection to the facility power distribution system will minimize any unplanned power outages. In other words, this will provide easy and safe temporary loadbank connection. The primary components of the GLQC Quick Connection Switchboard are cam-lok type receptacles and a fixed mount insulated case circuit breaker.

Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Quick Connection Switchboard


See page 7 of the APT Generator Quick Connection Switchboard (FS2-Series) Brochure for base budget Generator Quick Connection Switchboard pricing information & part number building.

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Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Quick Connection Switchboard

Standard Features

  • Generator Loadbank Triple Switching
  • Floor-Standing
  • UL891 Listed
  • Rating: 800 – 3000A, 480V (3Ø)
    • 65kAIC (800 – 2000A)
    • 100kAIC (over 2000A)
  •  Color coded, male ‘Cam-lok’ E1016 compatible single pole receptacles with cover.
    • A phase – Brown
    • B phase – Orange
    • C phase – Yellow
    • Neutral – White
    • Ground – Green
  •  Silver plated copper bus.
    • Circuit Breaker
      • (1) Single 100% rated fixed mounted insulated case circuit breaker, UL®489 listed, trip unit with adjustable Long time and Instantaneous trip settings.
      • Circuit breaker position Aux Contacts (“a” and “b”).
    • Circuit Breaker Sizes
    • Enclosure:
      • Type 3R for outdoor installation.
      • Carbon steel.
      • Powder coated ANSI 61 Gray.
      • Internal Climate Control*
        • Anti-condensation Heater w/ Thermostat.
        • All hardware is stainless steel.
        • Door handles are padlockable.
        • Door will include an integral lower flip door.
          • Allows the main door to be closed with the mobile generator cables connected.
          • Typical Dimensions
            • 86″H x 36”W x 39”D

*Requires 120V site power


Monitoring Options

  • Ground Fault Monitoring:
    • Can be easily set to trip the circuit breaker on ground fault or provide alarm indication only.
    • Shunt Trip – 120VAC for tripping circuit breaker if phase rotation is incorrect or if ground fault logic is configured for tripping on ground fault.
    • Configured at the factory per your order.
      • Can easily be changed in the field.
  • Phase Rotation Monitoring includes:
    • Insures mobile generator set phase rotation matches that of the facility.
    • Provides visual assurance of correct phasing.
    • Prevents circuit breaker from being closed if phase rotation is incorrect.
    • Instructions to easily fix incorrect phase rotation are on a label inside each panel.

Enclosure Options

  1. NEMA Type 1 for indoor installation
  2. NEMA Type 3R for outdoor installation
    1. Type 304 stainless steel
    2. Type 5052 aluminum
  3. Internal Climate Control*
    1. Anti-condensation Heater w/ Thermostat & Humidistat.
  4. Mechanical Lugs for Permanent facility-side connection.
  5. Alternative busbar connections with NEMA standard hole pattern and mechanical lugs for use in the event a mobile genset is used that does not have cables with ‘Cam-lok’ E1016 compatible plugs.

Other Options

  • Circuit Beaker
  1. No main circuit beaker
  2. Dual main circuit beakers
  3. Multiple generator circuit breakers
  • Kirk Key Interlocking prevents inadvertent paralleling of two sources.
  1. Provision included for the circuit breaker.
  2. Provision with Kirk Key integration into circuit breaker and bottom flip door.
  3. Bottom flip door only.
  4. Ship loose of matching locks for installation on customer’s equipment.
  • Contact APT factory to discuss any further requirements you may have including:
    • Automatic Load Transfer
    • Distribution Switchboards
    • Service Entrance Rated
    • Load Shed Contacts
    • Service Entrance Rated
    • Load Shed Contacts
    • Generator Paralleling
    • 5kV – 15kV Applications
    • And more!

Product Applications

The PLT-Series Generator Loadbank Triple Switching Quick Connection Switchboard allows quick and safe connection of a mobile generator set to facilities experiencing loss of power, or temporary loadbank for permanent generator testing:


Electric Supply Substations & Substation Backup

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Educational & Healthcare

University Campuses

Hospitals, Medical Centers & Clinics



Military Bases

Senior Centers

Manufacturing & Industrial

Textile, Stamping, & Recycling Plants


Data Centers



Renewable Energy Collection & Control






Applicable Standards

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