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GenProtectL-Series 208V-480V Generator Output Protection Switchboard

208V, 480V, 600V Output Circuit Breaker Cabinet for use with Diesel & Gas Generators


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This APT Switchboard is a Low Voltage Insulated Case Circuit Breaker Panel in a floor-standing enclosure. It can also be a high-quality power circuit breaker for use as a Generator or Service Main, or to feed MCCs, switchboards, and large equipment loads. It is the most powerful, all in one solution to your generator power needs. The Generator Output Protection Switchboard can be custom configured to help connect any number of permanent generators with on board controls. This makes the switchboard provide safe and protected power distribution.

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Portable Generator Quick Connection Switchboard

General Features


Specific Color Coding for 480V Model

  • A phase – Brown
  • B phase – Orange
  • C phase – Yellow
  • Neutral – White
  • Ground – Green

Floor-Standing Panel

  • Floor-Standing/Pad Mountable
  • Large Bus Bar Connections Simplify Field Cable Installation
  • Provides Robust 100% Rated Disconnecting Mans, with Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Carbon Steel Enclosure powder coated ANSI 61 Gray
  • Enclosure Includes Hinged Front Door with Lockable T-Handles
  • Dimensions: 80”H x 28”W x (23” up to 62”D)
  • Options:
    • UL  Listed
    • Service Entrance Rated
    • LSI, LSIG
    • Electric Operator
    • Draw Out Circuit Breaker
    • Circuit Breaker Control Switch
    • Circuit Breaker Position Indicating Lamps
    • Electric Metering
    • Emergency Stop Pushbutton
    • Generator Protection
    • Fault Annunciation
    • Kirk Key Interlocking
    • Automatic Source Transfer Control
    • Generator Paralleling Control
    • Main Bus
    • Modbus Serial or Ethernet Communications
    • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Enclosure

Insulated Case Circuit Breaker (ICCB)

  • UL 489
  • 100% Rated
  • Fixed Mount
  • LI Trip Unit
  • Shunt Trip
  • Auxiliary Contacts
  • Bell Alarm

Gen-Mount Panel

  • Application Voltage:
    • 120V/240V (2Ø)
    • 120V/208V, 480V, 600V (3Ø)
  • NEMA standard hole pattern (3000A) or circuit
    breaker lug terminations for connections
  • Enclosure
    • NEMA 1 (indoor) or NEMA 3R (outdoor)
    • Carbon steel
    • Painted ANSI 61 Gray or a variety of custom colors
    • Screw Removable Front Panel allows circuit breaker bus and lug access
    • Your choice of cable entrance/exit locations
    • Typical Dimensions:
      • § 40″H x 28”W x 18”D

Generator Output Protection Switchboard Applications

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Data Centers




Electric Utility & Manufacturing



Applicable Standards

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