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PwrShell Drop-Over Walk-In Switchgear Enclosure Shelter

Outdoor Walk-In Drop-Over Enclosure for Enclosing Existing Field Installed Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear


Our PwrShell Switchgear takes the traditional outdoor switchgear to another level. The switchgear line-up and the aisle are manufactured as one piece, therefore reducing the amount of the required on-site assembly and installation time. The walk-in equipment enclosure is also thermally insulated with various climate control. There are control room options available for the comfort and safety of maintenance and operations personnel.

Drop-Over Switchgear Enclosure

General Features

  • Packaged in a custom equipment enclosure to meet your exact needs
  • All equipment inside is factory installed and wired where possible
    • All internal wiring is run in enclosed ducts, or conduit for operator safety and a finished look and feel
  • Available with insulated walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Complete with internal lighting (AC and/or DC) and convenience receptacles
  • Optional separate rooms when appropriate for the application (transformer compartment, etc.)
  • Rugged, durable, weather resistant construction for the world’s harshest environments
  • Configurable for a wide range of applications:
    • Drop-over NEMA 3R non-Walk-In Medium Voltage switchgear and Low Voltage switchboards
    • AC or DC variable speed motor control
    • Power distribution switchgear
  • Side, top, or bottom cable entry and exit
    • Power and control quick connect receptacles are available
  • Optional site control and monitoring:
    • Modbus serial or Ethernet communications
    • APTView SCADA & computer systems
    • Switchgear Master Control

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Drop-Over Switchgear Enclosure Applications



Engineering Bid Specifications

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Installation Drawings & Diagrams

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Applicable Standards

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