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Medium Voltage Paralleling Switchgear

(2.4kV-38kV) Metal Enclosed Paralleling Switchgear
Front Access 38.5"D Compact, 72"D Compact, Generator Output Protection Switchgear, Bus Enclosures, Load Interrupter Switchgear, Motor Control Switchgear
• Utility & Generator Paralleling Automatic Transfer Applications
• Utility Intertie, Main-Tie-Main, & Medium Voltage Distribution Switchgear Applications
• Cogeneration, Solar, & Microgrid Applications
• Prime Power & Emergency Power Applications



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2.4kV-38kV Metal Enclosed/Clad
Draw-Out Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switchgear

APT Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) metal enclosed distribution switchgear can be built for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is available in both full and compact sizes, and features vacuum circuit breakers. As a result, it offers the ultimate in flexibility with options available to meet virtually any power system needs. And with its minimum depth footprint (100"H x 36"W x 72"D), it will fit in places traditional sized switchgear can't.

2.4kV-15kV Metal Enclosed Compact Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switchgear

APT's MED-Series can meet requirements for most power distribution applications without bulky traditional sized switchgear. It can be built for both indoor and outdoor installations. In addition, APT Open or Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Modules are compatible with our MED-Series.


2.4kV-15kV Metal Enclosed Ultra Compact Switchgear

The APT Front Access Compact air insulated SF6-free Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) Switchgear uses state-of-the-art innovative switchgear design methods and technology. This allows for the smallest footprint available on the market. It also allows a lighter design that offers the peace of mind of visual assurance of full disconnection through the main bus connection window.


Motor Control Center Switchgear​

APT PwrMotorM-Series Motor Control Center Switchgear offers flexible configurations for your application. Please contact us for more information.​


2.4kV-15kV Generator Output Protection Switchgear

This Medium Voltage Output Protection Switchgear features a Circuit Breaker Cabinet for use with Diesel & Gas Generators. It is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. The GenProtectM-Series is 100% Air Insulated. Its remote controllable design increases operator safety. That also applies to its provision for connecting field grounding cables. You do not need to tape or boot field cable terminations. In addition, you get to choose generator protective relay functions for this switchgear.


15kV, 27kV, 38kV Utility Intertie & Outdoor Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker Switchgear

This Outdoor Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker is used with Making a IEEE 1547 Compliant Utility Intertie & Interconnection. The MED-UI Switchgear is innovative, compact, and cost-effective. It also has several customizable features. As a result, this makes the MED-UI the perfect and powerful interconnection switchgear solution.


2.4kV-38kV Air Insulated Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS)

The APT MES-Series Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS) utilizes state-of-the-art three phase gang-operated air insulated load break switching. This achieves safe disconnection of loads from a power system. The MES-Series LIS is available either unfused or fused for overcurrent protection in simple, low cost protection applications.


2.4kV-38kV SF6 Insulated Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS)

The APT MS6-Series 2.4kV-38kV SF6 Insulated Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS) uses state-of-the-art three phase gang-operated SF6 insulated load break switching. As a result, this achieves safe disconnection of loads from a power system. The MS6-Series LIS is available either unfused or fused for overcurrent protection in simple, low cost protection applications.

MBE-Series-5kV-38kV Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure-APT-Power-1

MBE-Series 2.4kV-38kV Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure

The APT Metal Enclosed Bus Enclosure provides a simple & convenient means to splice together medium voltage cables and serve as a junction box. It has a termination cabinet designed for safe and clean splice connection. The MBE also has the right amount of space to accomodate medium voltage stress cones. You can either get it as a floor standing pad mount or ceiling mount enclosure.

Medium Voltage Paralleling Switchgear Applications

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Data Centers

Healthcare & VA Medical Centers



Electric Utility & Manufacturing