Advanced Power Technologies (APT)

Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear Solutions

(2.4kV-38kV) Metal Enclosed Switchgear
Front Access 38.5"D Compact, 72"D Compact, Generator Output Protection Switchgear, Bus Enclosures, Load Interrupter Switchgear, Motor Control Switchgear
• Utility & Generator Paralleling Automatic Transfer Applications
• Utility Intertie, Main-Tie-Main, & Distribution Applications
• Cogeneration, Solar, & Microgrid Applications
• Prime Power & Emergency Power Applications



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92" Deep Draw-out Switchgear

APT Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) metal enclosed switchgear can be built for both indoor and outdoor installations. Available in both full and compact sizes, and featuring vacuum circuit breakers, it offers the ultimate in flexibility with options available to meet virtually any power system needs.​

72" Deep Compact Switchgear

This metal enclosed, vacuum circuit breaker based switchgear can meet requirements for most power distribution applications. And with its small footprint (100"H x 36"W x 72"D) it will fit in places traditional sized switchgear can't.


Front Access 38.5"D Compact Switchgear

The APT Front Access Compact air insulated SF6-free Medium Voltage (5kV – 15kV) Switchgear utilizes state-of-the-art innovative switchgear design methods and technology which allows for the smallest footprint available on the market and a lighter design that offers the peace of mind of visual assurance of full disconnection through the main bus connection window. ​


2.4kV-15kV Pumps & Motor Control Center Switchgear​

APT PwrMotorM-Series Motor Control Center Switchgear offers flexible configurations for your application. Please contact us for more information.​


MES-Series Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS)

The APT MES-Series Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS) utilizes state-of-the-art three phase gang-operated load break switching to achieve safe disconnection of loads from a power system. The MES-Series LIS is available either unfused or fused for overcurrent protection in simple, low cost protection applications.