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A2 AdAPTor 2 Generator Only Paralleling Control Module

Low Cost Paralleling Switchgear for Two Generators

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   Power Solution Information

The AdAPTor3000-Series Automatic Paralleling Switchgear is a low cost solution used to connect two generators in parallel.

AdAPTor3000-Series Automatic Paralleling Switchgear Features:

      • Automatic Paralleling of Two Gensets
      • Complete Manual Paralleling Facilities
      • Synch Check Relay
      • Synch Lights
      • Complete Generator Protection
      • Complete Generator & Bus Metering
      • First Up – First On Logic Connects First Available (which builds up voltage and frequency) to a Dead Bus
      • Inhibits Closing of Multiple Generators to a Dead Bus Simultaneously
      • Standard Silver Plated Copper Bus
      • Compatible with ATS Transfer Inhibit Logic to Prevent Transfer Before Second Genset is Online
      • Onboard Engine Battery Fault Detection
      • Trips Corresponding Generator Circuit Breaker to Protect from Prolonged Reverse Power


   Opeartion Overview

Upon receipt of an automatic start signal initiated locally by the operator or remotely by customer’s ATS or SCADA or DCS (via closure of a dry contact or optional Modbus interface), the control panel shall issue a start signal to both generator sets. If the bus is dead and other conditions are appropriate, the first generator to build up voltage and frequency shall close its circuit breaker, energizing the bus. The second genset shall be automatically synchronized with the load bus under the supervision of the dedicated synchronizing check relay. When all the synchronizing conditions are met the generator circuit breaker shall close. At this time, transfer switch inhibit logic will allow the ATS to transfer to generator power.

Upon receipt of an automatic stop signal initiated locally by the operator or remotely by customer’s ATS or SCADA or DCS system the switchgear shall automatically open the circuit breakers and remove the genset start signals, allowing shutdown of the gensets after their EMCP3 programmed cool down period.

Synchronizing lights, synchronizing check relay, circuit breaker control switch and speed adjust potentiometer are available for Manual-Permissive synchronizing.


   Minimum System Requirements 

Engine-Generator set with engine control module (Caterpillar ADEM, EMCP or similar), load sharing module or load sharing governor and generator voltage regulator capable of voltage droop operation.

   Optional Features

      • Load Shed Controls
      • Load Sense Demand Controls
      • SCADA-ready Modbus Comm. Port for Monitoring and Control

Engineering Bid Specifications

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Installation Drawings & Diagrams

Applicable Standards

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