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PM CAT Power Module Paralleling Control Module

Generator Paralleling Controls for Caterpillar Power Modules

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   Power Solution Information

The APT Power Module Paralleling Switchgear is a compact, features-packed product that is specifically designed to become a part of a containerized generator set system. Configured to minimize air flow restriction in the container, this switchgear also incorporates many power distribution auxiliaries including shore power connection, distribution transformer, engine battery charger, outlets and more.

   Power Module Paralleling Switchgear Features:

      • Available in Low or Medium Voltage
      • Fully Automatic Operation in Parallel with Utility or Other Generators
      • Minimized Overall Dimensions for Power Module Space and Air Flow Requirements
      • Integrated Engine Battery Charger
      • Internal AC Distribution for Jacket Water Heaters, Space Heaters, Fuel Transfer Pumps, etc.
      • Remote Control Ready
      • Utility RTU Compatible
      • “Next Generation” Integrated Microprocessor Based Control Provides Broader Range of Features and Reduced Cost
        • Automatic Paralleling
        • Automatic Voltage Matching
        • Full Complement of Protective Relaying and Power Metering Functions
        • Soft Loading kW and kVAR Control
        • LCD Display and User Keypad User Interface

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Applicable Standards

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