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Automatic Paralleling Switchgear Control Panels for Low & Medium Voltage Power Systems

Automatic paralleling Switchgear Control Panel

Power Solution Information

When down time is not an option, APT’s Switchgear Control Panel is a switchgear mountable, wall mountable, or floor standing, switchgear control panel solution that provides state of the art functionality with complete manual back-up.

Automatic Paralleling Switchgear Control Panel Features:

  • Automatic Paralleling of Multiple Generator
  • Complete Manual Paralleling Facilities
  • Sync Check Relay
  • Sync Lights
  • Complete Generator Protection
  • Complete Generator & Bus Metering
  • Direct Sensing Up to 690V (No Switchgear PTs Required)
  • Inhibits Closing of Multiple Generators to a Dead Bus Simultaneously
  • First Up – First On Logic Connects First Available (which builds up voltage and frequency) to a Dead Bus

Minimum System Requirements

  • Engine-Generator set with engine control module (Caterpillar ADEM, EMCP or similar) and generator voltage regulator, capable of voltage droop operation.
  • Electrically operated generator circuit breaker with stored energy mechanism. Circuit breaker control power source.
  • Generator CTs for generator metering and protection functions
  • Generator and bus PTs for systems above 690 Volts

Operation Overview

Upon receipt of an automatic start signal initiated locally by the operator or remotely by customer’s SCADA or DCS (via closure of a dry contact or optional Modbus interface), the control panel issues a start signal to the generator set. If the bus is “dead” and other conditions are appropriate, then the first generator to build up voltage and frequency shall close it’s circuit breaker, energizing the bus. If the load bus is already energized, then the genset shall be automatically synchronized with the load bus under the supervision of the dedicated synchronizing check relay. When all the synchronizing conditions are met the generator circuit breaker will close.

Upon receipt of an automatic stop signal initiated locally by the operator or remotely by customer SCADA or DCS system the switchgear automatically opens the circuit breaker initiating genset cool down/shutdown sequence.

Synchronizing lights, synchronizing check relay, circuit breaker control switch and speed adjust potentiometer are available for Manual-Permissive synchronizing.

Utility Paralleling Switchgear Control Module

Optional Features

  • Multiple Generators Master Control Panel
  • Operation in Parallel with Utility
  • Load Shed Facilities
  • SCADA-ready Modbus Comm. Port for Monitoring and Control

Engineering Bid Specifications

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