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"-UI" 15kV, 27kV, 38kV Class Outdoor Utility
Vacuum Substation Circuit Breaker Switchgear

Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Substation Switchgear for Use with Making a IEEE 1547 Compliant Utility Intertie & Interconnection


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Our “-UI” Utility Switchgear is used to connect loads to the utility transmission system at the 15kV through 38kV voltage class.

General Features

This utility switchgear is customizable. It has instrumentation transformers and satisfies specific utility intertie switchgear requirements. As a result, this makes APT’s “-UI” utility switchgear line the perfect powerful interconnection switchgear solution.

Our utility switchgear is versatile and can be configured for a single section to connect a single load to the utility. It can also connect to multiple sections to distribute power to many loads.

Our utility switchgear lineup can be integrated into a PwrContainer for rapid deployment or a PwrHouse for electrical switchgear equipment.

Single section configurations are provided as outdoor NEMA 3R non-walk-in configuration for a convenient and cost-effective solution to outdoor substation utility switchgear.

Various Styles for Medium Voltage Utility Switchgear Applications

  • APT 15A-UI & MEA-UI features traditional Metal-Clad draw-out vacuum circuit breaker construction
  • APT MED-UI features compact draw-out vacuum circuit breaker construction
  • APT FAC-UI features an ultra-compact front-access only vacuum circuit breaker

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Applicable Standards

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