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MEA-Series 2.4kV-38kV Metal Enclosed/Clad Draw-Out Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switchgear

2.4kV, 4.16kV, 6.6kV, 7.2kV, 11kV, 12.47kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV, 22kV, 27kV, 34.5kV, 38kV Paralleling, Transfer, & Distribution Full Depth Draw-out Circuit Breaker Switchgear


This complete line of 5kV – 15kV indoor and outdoor switchgear is the ultimate in flexibility and has options available to meet virtually any power system needs.

Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Product Features

  • Metal enclosed/clad type draw-out circuit breaker-based design
  • Drawout Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Test, Disconnected, and Connected positions
  • Silver plated copper line and load bus bar connections
  • Voltage Transformers (Fixed or Drawout Mounted)
  • Current Transformers are Front Accessible, mounted on the primary insulating bushings behind the metal automatic shutters
  • Enclosure includes hinged front door with knurled screws
  • Designed & built to ANSI C37.20.3

Optional Features

  • Automatic Transfer (ATS), Open & Closed Transition Transfer
  • Main Bus
  • Power Metering
  • Protective Relaying
  • Main-Tie-Main Control
    • Configurations with multiple Main and multiple Tie circuit breakers
  • Generator Paralleling
    • Automatic paralleling of multiple generators for Prime Power, Co-Generation, and Peak Shaving applications
  • Automatic paralleling of dissimilar prime movers such as:
    • Gas turbines
    • Diesel engines
    • Natural gas reciprocating engines
    • Landfill and digester gas reciprocating engines
    • Combustion turbines
    • Synchronous and induction generators
    • Inverter based systems
    • Motor-generators
    • Wind and solar driven generators
  • Communication
  • Incorporation of any size dry type transformers
  • Seamless load transfer between power sources
  • Solid, low impedance and high impedance grounded systems
  • Heavy skid mounted switchgear and substations
  • Provisions for maintenance grounding of the feeder cables
  • Web enabled, remote monitoring and control
  • Remote access switchgear control line-ups for ultimate operator safety



2.4kV – 38kV, 3 Phase, 3 Wire

Main Bus Amperage

1200A, 2000A, 3000A


  • NEMA 1 for Indoor Use
  • NEMA 3R for Outdoor Use (Non Walk-In)
  • Outdoor Walk-In PwrHouse


36″W x 80″H x 72-92″D (Each Section)

Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs)

  • High performance, robust, draw-out removable breakers
  • Integral manual charging handle
  • Mechanical interlocks prevent withdrawal or insertion of the circuit breaker when main contacts are not open
  • Closing springs automatically discharge before moving the circuit breaker out of the enclosure
  • Circuit breaker cell mechanism maintains trip during insertion or withdrawal
  • Breaker cannot be electrically or mechanically closed when in the intermediate position
  • Cells are keyed to ensure only correct breaker rating can be installed in cell
  • High-speed operation – complete fault clearing in less than 3 cycles
  • Hermetically sealed vacuum interrupters protect contacts from corroding elements and contamination
  • Easy maintenance with contact wear indicator is provided on the vacuum interrupter moving stem
  • Periodic visual inspection with a feeler gauge is required to verify that the contacts have not worn out

Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear Accessories

Electric Racking Device

  • Installed onto switchgear section circuit breaker racking mechanism
  • Devices from the TEST/DISCONNECT position to the CONNECTED position in the circuit breaker cell
  • 50 ft. (15.2 m) long cord to allow for remote racking from a distance. This makes operator safety the top priority
  • Requires 120VAC customer supplied control power within the switchgear installation area; may require extension cord

Wall-Mountable Circuit Breaker Test Cabinet

  • Tests the circuit breaker for proper operation when removed from the circuit breaker cell
  • Compact wall-mountable design; requires customer supplied switchgear control power input
  • On-off toggle switch, power-on indicating light, breaker position indication lights, CLOSE & OPEN push buttons
  • 8 ft. (2.4 m) cable with connection plug for secondary connection receptacles at the rear of the circuit breaker

Hinged Rear Doors &
Infrared (IR) Viewing Windows

  • IR Windows can measure temperature without removing the sheet metal cover on the panel
  • IR Window Ports include removable covers for maintaining “Hot Spot” Inspection in the breaker compartment
  • IR Windows come with an outside infrared camera
  • Inner removable sheets provided for easy connection
  • Hinged Rear Doors come with a padlock

24VDC Switchgear Battery Charger

  • Charges for 24VDC Control Power Batteries for all Switchgear System Ratings
    • Low Voltage: 208V-690V (3Ø)
    • Medium Voltage: 2.4kV-38kV (3Ø)
  • Automatic three stage charging
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Dual purpose battery charger and power supply can be used simultaneously
  • Automatic or Manual boost and storage charge functions help maintain battery condition
  • Digital Microprocessor Technology
  • Temperature compensation for battery charging
  • Low Output Ripple and superb line regulation
  • AC input Under/Over voltage Protection
  • Battery charger output over voltage/ current protection
  • Output short circuit and Inversion polarity with auto recovery
  • Automatic power de-rating at high ambient temperatures
  • Check out more features here

Applicable Standards