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FS2-MT 208V-480V Service Entrance Generator Quick Connect Manual Transfer Switchboard

208V, 480V, 600V Portable Generator Quick Connection Transfer Switchboard Suitable for Utility Service Entrance Equipment

800A - 4000A Service Entrance Generator Quick Connection Switchboard

UL Listed, Service Entrance Equipment (SE)
Saves floor space & installation cost by replacing the
need for an external manual or automatic transfer switch
System Ratings:
– Voltage: 208V-480V (3Ø, 4W)
– Current: 800A-4000A
– Interrupting Rating: 65, 100 kAIC

Temporary Generator & Utility Protection
– Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
– Fixed mount
– Electronic trip unit with adjustable Long Time,
Short Time, Instantaneous settings

Silver-plated copper phase bus bar for permanent connection to the facility

APT Mechanical Lugs for incoming utility, permanent facility-side, & alternate generator connections

Medium Voltage Generator Quick Connection Switchgear

GQC Switchboard Features & Options

Service Entrance Ground Fault Monitoring:
– Trips the circuit breaker on ground fault

Open Transition Manual Transfer Interlocking:
– NEC 700.3 compliant key interlocking to prevent
inadvertent paralleling of the temporary generator
source with normal source(s)

Available Automatic Load Transfer means for use in Permanent Generator applications:
– Open Transition Automatic Transfer
– Closed Transition (100ms) Automatic Transfer

Phase Rotation Monitoring:
– Provides visual assurance that mobile generator set phase rotation matches that of the facility
– Configured to prevent circuit breaker from being closed if phase rotation is incorrect
– Instructions to easily fix incorrect phase rotation are on a label inside each panel

NEC 700.3 compliant temporary generator source connected indication

Shunt Trip:
– 120VAC for tripping circuit breaker if phase
rotation is incorrect or on ground fault sensing


Enclosure options:
–  NEMA 1 for indoor installation
–  NEMA 3R for outdoor installation:
– Type 304 Stainless Steel
– Type 5052 Aluminum

Enclosure Climate Control:
–  Anti-condensation Heater w/ Thermostat & Humidistat

Other Options:
–  No Neutral Bus or Cam-loks
–  100% Ground
–  Surge Protection Device (SPD)
–  Generator Remote Start/Stop Terminal Blocks
–  Generator Block Heater Receptacle
–  480VAC or 240VAC Twist-lock Receptacle
–  120VAC Battery Charger/Convenience Receptacle
–  Load Dump Receptacle/Terminal
–  Extra Large Enclosure for Conduit Entry/Exit
–  Convenience Light
–  SCADA Connection Interface

Applicable Standards

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