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SBU-ATO-BI 208V-480V Automatic Transfer Switchboard with Bypass/Isolation

Open Transition Automatic Transfer with Redundant Insulated Case Circuit Breakers for Each Source Maintenance Bypass/Isolation ATS

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   Redundant Bypass Isolation ATSB

For applications when down time is not an option for your ATSB, the APT Redundant Bypass Isolation ATSB combines the functionality of the Automatic Transfer Switchboard with the additional redundancy of bypass circuit breakers.

   ATSB Information

This product combines the functionality of the Switchboard and Automatic Transfer Switch. The APT Automatic Transfer Switchboard (ATSB) is an Insulated Case Circuit Breaker based load transfer switchboard, used to integrate a generator set into your power distribution system, without continuous paralleling with the utility.

Applicable Standards

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