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GenVerter 208V to 480V Generator Voltage Changeover Switchboard

Easily Change the Generator Output Voltage from 208V to 480V

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   Switchboard Information

APT Floor-Standing Generator Linkboard Panel provides a simplified means of reconnecting the 12 lead generator for either low voltage mode (240-208V L-L / 120V L-N) or high voltage mode (480V L-L / 277V L-N) operation. APT Floor-Standing Generator Linkboard Panel consists of a base insulating board with copper bus bars installed and a movable top insulating board with various copper bus bar links installed. Voltage changeover is achieved by removing Linkboard nuts/washers, moving the Linkboard up or down a position as required, and then reinstalling the nuts/washers. Limit switches shall sense the Linkboard position and illuminate a corresponding indicating lamp on the door.

   GenVerter Options

  • Available for Low Voltage 12 Lead Gensets Rated Up to 1000kW
  • Voltage Position Indication Lamp
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection is Provided at Each Voltage Position
  • Lexan Protective Cover to Allow Viewing of Linkboard Position while Preventing Inadvertent Contact with Energized Components
  • Simple Reconnect ion Between High Voltage Mode (480V L-L / 277V L-N) and Low Voltage Mode (240-208V L-L/120V L-N)
  • Integral Circuit Breaker Complete with 24VDC Shunt Trip and Auxiliary Contacts
  • Silver plated copper bus
  • Single or Dual Output Circuit Breaker Arrangements

Applicable Standards

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